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Design your own socks?

Sokkies logo

Do I have to design the socks myself?

First things first: would you rather outsource the design of the socks? If so, our designers will be happy to create a digital outline for you. Send us your ideas, your logo and/or corporate identity and we will make some sample pairs for you with no obligation.

Do you prefer to create your own design? Then feel free to read on, and we’ll help you get started.

design your own socks

What do I need to design my own socks?

In addition to a bit of creativity and graphic knowledge, we have a template to get you started.

This template contains all the information needed to design your own pair of socks.

Would you also like to design a label? Then click the button below for the label template.

What should I pay attention to when designing socks?

Socks can come in all sorts of smells and colors, yet there are a few points to consider.

Use our template and keep the following points in mind:

  1. Complete the design to the top, the heel is added above this design.
  2. To match the correct yarn, we use PMS color codes.
  3. Use a maximum of 5 colors on the design. This includes background, heel, heel and toe.
  4. Small and detailed elements are not suitable and will fall away.
  5. For a seamless pattern, the design should blend in on both sides of the design.

If you can’t quite figure it out, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you get started.

designing your own socks

What color codes should I use?

The yarns used for the socks are carefully matched with Pantone C colors.

You can also use CMYK, RGB or HEX color codes, just keep in mind that we convert them to PMS colors approximately.

Important: our yarns come in all colors of the rainbow, but never match 100%. Should you want a piece of security, you can order a physical sample pair of your design.

designing your own socks

Is there a cost to have a sock designed?

No, we design your socks completely free of charge. Our service is completely non-binding, we are happy to design (multiple) digital drafts for you.

Once we are allowed to take your order into production or need to make a trial sample it is always at the request of the customer. We will never charge a fee without clearly indicating this in advance.

cost designing socks
Request your free sample design now

Would you like to receive a free design by professional designers within 24 hours? Then contact us directly and you will hear from us soon.

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