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The 10 best occasions for custom socks

Sokkies logo

The 10 best occasions for custom socks

Socks are for everyone. Man or woman, young or old, everyone is made happy by socks. Are you thinking about your own custom socks? For staff or just for customers? We list the 10 best occasions for your own socks.

1. Christmas

Christmas is obviously at the top of the list, a time every year when your staff or customers want to be pampered. These are also the most popular socks every year at Sokkies Club (our consumer subscription form). What could be more fun than Christmas socks With your logo worn at Christmas dinner? Many customers choose Christmas-themed green/red colors.

Christmas socks

2. Anniversary/Company Party

Does your company exist for 1 year, 10 years or perhaps 25 years? Surprise your staff and/or customers with perfect corporate gift: socks in your corporate style. Those with a birthday treat!

Anniversary/Corporate party

3. Promotional gift for customers

Would you like to thank a customer for completing an order, the fine cooperation or just surprise them with a business gift? Everyone wears socks, so you are always in the right place with the gift. A little something for a soft price; our socks are available from €3.99.

corporate gift

4. Old and new

Are you entering the new year with a fresh new wind and want to wish your clients or staff a happy new year? Back this up with a pair of socks. These can also be festive socks with champagne on them, for example. The socks often last longer than the good intentions.

old and new gift

5. Day of care/nursing

An awful lot of socks are worn in healthcare. Under the work outfit, many healthcare workers like to wear colorful healthcare socks. Every year we receive the cutest designs from hospitals, nursing homes and ambulance stations. Often with a medical angle in the organization’s corporate identity.

Socks for healthcare

6. Father’s Day/Mother’s Day

A self-drawn coloring page is wonderful, but as an employer, it becomes quite the craft for all the staff. A great solution for Father’s and Mother’s Day are custom socks.

Socks for healthcare

7. King’s Day

Every year our king celebrates his party, this is an official holiday. An excellent reason for your employees to wear beautiful orange socks on this day. Don’t miss this opportunity to play the king(s).

Kings Day socks

8. St. Nicholas

Do you know what your staff wants in the shoe? Socks, of course! They have been sweet all year, time to give them a treat. Did you know that socks are high on the wish list every year in the Netherlands?

Sinterklaas socks

9. World Cup soccer or similar sports tournament.

Forget Wuppies, vuvuzelas or other trinkets that disappear into the trash after the tournament. Give your staff or customers socks with a Dutch touch. Fully in style for the World Cup or European Championship soccer, the Olympics or Formula 1. Cycling socks are also widely chosen during the Tour de France.

World Cup socks

10. Birthdays

What do you give your staff as gifts on birthdays? Socks are a unisex gift that everyone appreciates. Suitable for all sizes (38-46), so you will always be comfortable. Make it a complete sock package with a gift box and label in style.

socks gift anniversaries
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