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What types of socks are possible?

Sokkies logo

What types of socks are possible?

Socks come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Basically, we can make anything in the field of socks. Will the socks be worn in the office or just in the workplace? Are the socks for adults or just for children? We’ll take you through so you can find the perfect pair socks can be printed.

What size?

Our socks come in a variety of sizes, but one-size-fits-all is often chosen. These fit for shoe sizes 38 to 46. This includes 90% of the Dutch.

In addition to the most common one-size-fits-all socks, we also have tailored socks. Common is to pack a men’s and women’s size. For women, 36-42 is often chosen; socks for men are often size 40-48.

Of course, it is also possible to have children’s or baby socks made. Sokkies makes socks in every size range.

children's socks-printing

Regular socks

Most common socks, these consist of 80% cotton. They are suitable for everyday use, such as in the office or during leisure time.

regular socks

Sports socks

The name says it all, these socks are extra sturdy and great for exercising. These classics are often chosen in white/black with the logo on top.

They are constructed from extra sturdy yarn. They are reinforced in vulnerable areas by a double layer of yarn. Ideal socks for running, fitness or sports. We also have cycling socks, these breathe a little more.

regular socks

Work socks

Socks that are built up and reinforced with high-performance yarn, absorbing heavy wear. Ideal for the workshop in work shoes or boots, for example.

regular socks

Baby Socks

Socks for the smallest feet, to be made in various sizes. These socks are soft and sit quietly around little feet.

baby socks

Cycling socks

Cycling socks are made with part compression. This improves blood circulation and allows the feet to breathe more. These socks are perfect for when cycling.

regular socks

Bamboo socks

Socks made from bamboo are durable, but more importantly; very comfortable. They are made of bamboo yarn, this ensures good absorption of sweat and odors. Your feet breathe more and thus sweat less.

Bamboo socks
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