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Your (Christmas) tree in Brazil

Sokkies logo

Your (Christmas) tree in Brazil

This year we have a wonderful Christmas gift for our customers. A pair of Christmas socks with Christmas trees on them.

But these are not the only trees we give them:

We partnered with OneTreePlanted this year to plant one tree for every order in the Amazon.

But why?
Last year we asked ourselves how sustainable we really are. We have written extensively about that before.

We are secretly doing quite well, but decided to take it a step further. This year, as a Christmas present, we planted one tree for each order where it was needed. In cooperation with OneTreePlanted we chose Brazil. Thanks to your order, we had a total of over 500 trees planted.


Why in Brazil?

Our partner OneTreePlanted looked at where planting new trees would have the greatest impact. That was currently in Brazil.

They ensure that:

  • The rainforest is being restored and biodiversity is increasing.
  • Water and air quality in the surrounding area are increasing.
  • Children are taught on the basis of biodiversity and rainforest conservation.

In total, OneTreePlanted’s counter already stands at over 100 million trees planted!


Over 500 trees planted

We are proud to announce that we were able to plant over 500 trees on behalf of you and all other order takers. An incredible number, which we are very happy with!

We therefore hope that this Christmas gift will be enthusiastically received and that we may also have encouraged you to think about your sustainability.

Finally, we wish you happy days ahead and for Christmas trees/socks, you know where to find us!


Also planting trees?

Would you also like to plant trees in areas of high need? Or would you like more information about this project? Go to the One Tree Planted’s website.

Of course, you can also order your own socks, and we will make sure a tree is planted for you next year as well!
To do this, please enter your wishes and ideas in our contact form.

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